Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Best All Star Game

The best All Star game by far belongs to Major League Baseball. It isn't just the tradition and the uniforms, it is the compete level that the players show during the game. You don't see that in any other all star game. The Pro Bowl? Please, there is no hitting in the Pro Bowl, in fact, many offensive linemen look like they are dancing with a partner instead of blocking. The NHL game is a game of shinny, all offense and no defense. The NBA game is all glitz, no defense, until perhaps the last two minutes of the game. Even the MLS All Star game pales in comparison, as the MLS All Stars will play a team from across the pond that is merely working their way into game shape. The MLB Allstar game has it all, offense, defense, and pageantry. I'd rather watch the MLB All Star game than any other All Star game.