Thursday, July 21, 2011


Why is a Clevelander going to Pittsburgh on Friday?   To see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Pirates.  I am NOT a Pirate fan, and have been a following the Cards for almost 30 years.  I confess that when I was about ten, my dad took me to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates and Carnegie Mellon.   I have fond memories of that time, and I am looking forward to seeing Pittsburgh play again tomorrow.  I will, as I understand, get a free Pirate shirt upon entering the park.  So, I will wear my Cleveland hat and Pittsburgh shirt, and probably root for the Cards.  I say probably because who knows if I will get caught up in the moment and cheer during a Pirate rally?  But I do know that I will enjoy being with the kids, attending a ball game, and I will be interested in seeing what PNC Park is all about.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Tribe at the Break

Presently we are at the half way point of the MLB season.  The Featherheads are in first place!  How did they do it?  Pitching, pitching, and pitching.  The starting pitching has kept the team in games, the middle relievers (such as Frank Hermann on Saturday vs the Reds) and the relief pitching has closed out games.  I don't know if they can hang on, but I do know this.  Indian baseball is relevant.  It is fun again to be an Indians fan.  And we have something to look forward to namely meaningful games in August.