Sunday, October 31, 2010

FCA First Playoff Game

It has just been released: FCA plays its first playoff game in high school football on Friday night, November 5, at 7:30 pm at White Field in Newark, Ohio. The opponent is Newark Catholic, a frequent competitor in the OHSAA high school football playoffs.  I can't get a read on this game, I think the coaching staff at FCA feels comfortable in playing Newark Catholic, it certainly is closer in travel time (45 minute drive, tops) compared to the two hour drive to the shores of the Ohio River, just outside Wheeling.  Both teams defeated Fisher Catholic this season, by similar scores.  I don't know if you can judge anything by that, though, seeing as Fisher finished 1-9.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Playoff Time

Tonight the hometown heros, the Columbus Crew, travel to Colorado to take on the Rapids in the first of two legs of MLS playoff soccer.  Emily and I were able to see the Crew this past Sunday and they were impressive.  WInning 3-1 over Philadelphia, they looked playoff ready.  The only setback occurred when goalie William Hessmer suffered a season ending injury.  The Crew look primed for a playoff run.
Pay attention to total goals in these two games.  There are a number of scenarios by which the Crew will move on.  Game time tonight is at 9 on ESPN2,  LET'S GO CREW

A Must Win

That is what tomorrow's game is for Fairfield Christian.  Their football team stands 8-0, one win from a perfect season.  One win away from their first trip to the playoffs.  If the Knights win, they are in.  It's Seniors Night and I will be calling the game on LSN.  Game time is at 7:30 pm at New Lex's football field.  The game will be shown on LSN on Sunday at 4.  If they win they are in.  I can hear the chants now:

Undefeated Undefeated Undefeated

A Critical Game?

This early in the NHL season, is it too early to call a game critical?  Not when it is the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Coming off of two back to back victories over the previous seasons Cup contenders ( the Hawks and the Flyers) the Jackets need to continue to win, especially when it comes to playing a team that has less talent than you do.  The Oilers have lost four in a row.  The Jackets should win this game.  They need to win this game.  It is as close to a critical game that you will get this early in the season

Monday, October 18, 2010

Playoff Football?

According to the computer projections on J J Huddle's website, Fairfield Christian Academy stands in seventh place, and Lancaster is in 12th place in their respective regions.  Lancaster, by winning out, stands a good chance of making the playoffs, as their next game is against Groveport (which presently are in the playoff picture a few spots above the Gales).  By winning the next two games, Lancaster may have enough  computer points to squeak in.
The news is not so good for FCA.  Seeing as they did not play this past week end, they gained minimal points.  That hurts their chances.  By winning out, they might make it into the playoffs, but I think that for that to happen, they will need help.  Certainly they will need to win out, but they will also need the teams that they have already beaten to win as well.  Secondary points will be critical.
Now, I have no way of knowing for certain whether or not FCA will make the playoffs.  It is my opinion, however, that their playoff chances were hurt by not playing last weekend,  the bye weekend was out of their control as their previously scheduled team cancelled the game.  So it will be difficult for FCA to get into the playoffs, not impossible though.  They will need help

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Riding A Colt

Colt McCoy has played his first NFL game.  Initial impressions are promising.  He looked calm in the pocket.  He had poise directing the offense.  He was able to MOVE the offense down the field.  The negatives?  He probably is headed back to the bench, to learn behind Dellhome and Wallace.  Which brings me to the overall offense, it is, well, offensive.  There are NO playmakers.  Players play hard but there are no game breakers.  Until the Browns get some playmakers on offense, they won't know what they have in McCoy.  Personally, I think he should play.  All of the time.  He has shown that he can handle the pressure.  So why not give him the experience?  At 1-5, the Browns AREN'T heading to the playoffs, so why not let him learn?  Give him the reps, and the hope that Heckert can find playmakers in the 2011 draft.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well, that was UGLY

Emily, Mark, and I just got back from the hockey game.  Boy was it ugly, it seemed as if the Jackets thought that they were wearing white tonight (they were wearing blue) because they were passing to the BlackHawks all night.  Losing 5-2, the Jackets looked, well, ugly.  It was a sellout but if they play many more games like that, it will be a loooong season with PLENTY of good seats available.  We got tickets through the Tim Horton promotion, a $25 seat AND timbits, free coffee, a free travel mug, a CBJ hat, and $10 in free food.  I was more excited about getting the travel mug than I was over the game.  Such is the life of a BlueJacket fan

It's Opening Night

There is a buzz amongst Mark and Emily as at this moment they are getting ready.  Tonight is Opening Night, the home opener for the Blue Jackets.  We have $30 tickets through a promotion with Tim Horton's.  For the $30 we get a ticket, a $10 voucher for food, a box of timbits (they now have Tim Horton's stands at Nationwide, it is about time), and a Blue Jacket hat.  A $30 value, and they have this promotion every Friday home game.  I am hoping for an entertaining time and a CBJ victory (after all, I did just receive a phone call to call play by play for Lancaster-Pick North football tonight, I had to turn it down).  There will be excitement tonight in the Arena District, and so let's get it started:


Monday, October 4, 2010

At least one team in Columbus is playing for a championship

And that team is.... the Columbus Crew.  Playing tomorrow night in Seattle against the Sounders, if the Crew wins they will be champions of the U S Open Cup.  But it will be difficult, it may come down to penalty kicks.  I think Seattle wins, but I hope I am wrong.  Go Crew!

NHL Predictions

I have been listening to the so called experts predict what they think will happen in the 2010-2011 NHL season.  In listening I have found a common theme, if a team finished in the top eight last season, they will then be slotted to finish in the top eight for the next season.  Through all of these predictions, the beloved Blue Jackets are predicted NOT to make the playoffs.  Well, anyone can pick the teams that finished in the money last year to do it again this year.  For the record, I think that the CBJ will be in the playoffs this year, because Mason will return to form (and goaltending is like pitching in baseball, in that it is a major part of the game) and Filatov will prove to be the real deal this year.  The wild card for me is Derrick Brassard.  If Brassard can return to form of two years ago, this team will be a major surprise.  If Filatov doesn't come through, then this team will contend for a playoff position, if Mason falls flat on his face, then the experts predictions will come through and the CBJ will struggle to finish the season at .500.

Only in Cleveland

The Tribe's 2010 season is now officially over.  On this first day of the offseason, the Indians announced six promotions in their front office.  Some, such as Mark Shapiro becoming the president of the organization, have been previously announced.  Others were announced today.  My question is, where else does this happen?  Perhaps in the government, but where else would mediocrity be rewarded.  The team finished in fourth place in 2009 and 2010 and the front office types get promoted and a raise?  Only in Cleveland. Oh, the pain of being an Indians fan.