Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Future Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns

So, who is the future QB of the Browns?  Is it Johnny Manziel?   He certainly looked adequate in his first action of the season this year (unlike last year when he looked totally out of his element).  Is it Josh McCown?  Possible, in that McCown has thus far looked like a world beater.  Is he a late bloomer?  Is he a product of the new offensive system that the Browns are running?  Perhaps.   But maybe the future QB of the Browns is not on the roster now.  One would think that the Browns would draft a future QB next year, but I don't know.  I get the impression that this front office likes picking up reclamation projects (see McCown).  If that is the case, what about the Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford?   He was benched last Sunday.  Is he falling out of favor with the Lions?   Could he be had in a trade for a mid level draft pick?  I don't know, but it is something to consider.