Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Last Home Game

Well the last home game of a dismal season is over for our beloved Featherheads. What did we learn? We learned that this team was a bunch of underacheivers. It had little starting pitching outside of Cliff Lee, a bullpen from Hades, a one armed DH who gave new meaning to warning track power, a gimpy center fielder, a manager who loved utility players, and in the end, a team of minor leaguers learning to play the game of major league baseball. What does the future hold? Hope always springs eternal, and there will be new hope this winter as a new manager is hired.

But the more things change, the more they remain the same. This team is woefully short of starting pitching. There is a lack of a number one and two starter and it remains to be seen how the bullpen sorts out next spring. If these last two home games have taught us anything, they have served to reinforce the VALUE of starting pitching. You need a starting staff that will get the team into the seventh inning. That's for starters. Without that, all hope is lost for a winning season.

If I were the Indians brass, I would trade Peralta for even more pitching, send Santana to the winter league to work on his ability to handle a pitching staff, and work with Carmona and Masterson in the off season so that they will develop into the starting pitchers that the Fans of Cleveland hope to have in order to contend in 2010. Hope springs eternal, only if you have starting pitching.

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