Monday, November 2, 2009

Blowing Up The Browns

Earlier on this blog I advocated blowing up the Cleveland Indians and starting over as an organization. Well, guess what, it is time to blow up the Browns. The present edition of the Cleveland Browns, while they may be nice people, is an EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL FANS OF THE ONCE PROUD FRANCHISE. Think of it, here we are on November 2, and the Yankees are on the threshold of winning their 27th championship. The Browns used to be the Yankees of professional football. When I was young, the Browns were always on top of their division, contending for the NFL Championship. Before I was born, they were the class of all football franchises. But not anymore. They have become an embarrassment and a joke.

It is hard to watch a Browns game, knowing that if the opponent scores a touchdown, the Browns have already lost the game! My son and I have plans on going to the next game, on Monday night football November 16 against the Ravens. Shall we wear bags over our heads? With the sorry state of this franchise, do we publicly admit our embarrassment?

Today the Browns fired their GM, George Kokinis. In my mind, they should have cleaned house, Mangini needs to go as well. Then they need to get top notch football people in the organization to rebuild this once proud franchise. If someone knows what he is doing, it should take long to rebuild. Sadly, it looks as if Mangini doesn't have a clue.

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