Thursday, July 21, 2011


Why is a Clevelander going to Pittsburgh on Friday?   To see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Pirates.  I am NOT a Pirate fan, and have been a following the Cards for almost 30 years.  I confess that when I was about ten, my dad took me to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates and Carnegie Mellon.   I have fond memories of that time, and I am looking forward to seeing Pittsburgh play again tomorrow.  I will, as I understand, get a free Pirate shirt upon entering the park.  So, I will wear my Cleveland hat and Pittsburgh shirt, and probably root for the Cards.  I say probably because who knows if I will get caught up in the moment and cheer during a Pirate rally?  But I do know that I will enjoy being with the kids, attending a ball game, and I will be interested in seeing what PNC Park is all about.

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