Friday, June 5, 2015

Random thoughts after Game One

Hello again So its been about four years since I last posted. I watched the Cavs lose game one and Kyrie Irving suffered a knee injury. Its almost three am and I can't sleep, hence a renewed effort in blogging and random thought (s) Game one is a loss. They say it becomes a series when the visiting team wins on the home team's floor. It's only one game. The Cavs need to regroup, look at film, and make adjustments. I beleive that they can win the title. With or Without Kyrie. What to they need to do? Play better defense Next man up, with Kyrie its time for Smith or Jones to go off and take up the scoring load The Cavs still have Lebron, he makes others around him better, so now is the time to do so I still have faith, haven't lost hope, its only one game. All the Cavs need to do is win all their home games and one game on the road. Easy peasy right? We'll see. Now its time to try to get some sleep, morning comes early, ie four hours away for wake up call Good nite all

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