Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blowing Up The Tribe

What do we do with these Indians? Picked by some to make the playoffs, they now reside in the bottom of the AL standings. As a lifelong fan, I suggest to blow up the Tribe as they are currently constructed. My suggestions:

Keep Mark Shapiro conditionally. Shapiro has done a good job of talent evaluation from other organizations, but a lousy job drafting and developing home grown players. Besides Victor Martinez, who is on this roster that is homegrown (drafted and developed by the organization) AND making an impact at the Major League level? If I were running the Tribe, I would seriously look at overhauling the scouting department, and place more value in drafting and developing high school players, as they have more of an upside than college players.

Fire Eric Wedge. Wedge consistently does NOT have the team ready to roll coming out of Spring Training. Under Wedge, the Indians have been consistently a team slow getting out of the gate. The one time they started the season by winning 10 of their first 11, they didn't make the playoffs. The one time they need to win a game or two to make the playoffs, they couldn't. The one time they needed to win a game to get to the World Series, they didn't. This team has under performed under his leadership. It is time for Wedge to go.

Trade trade trade. Peralta, Pavano, Garko, and bring up the kids, such as Gator for God ( the twitter name of Matt Laporta), Andy Marte (yes the same Andy Marte who has failed in previous attempts), and Micheal Bradley. See what the kids and do and give them experience now.

Keep Lee and Martinez, unless the price is right. If a team will not overpay for these guys, keep them for next year.

Develop, trade, beg, borrow, and steal for Pitching, Pitching, and more Pitching. Pitching is the name of the game. Find starters that will go deep into the game, rely on them rather than a bullpen to pitch four or more scoreless innings. I remember when Billy Martin was manager of the Oakland A's, he worked his starters deep into the game. Why? Because they were his best pitchers. Guys in the bullpen are there for a reason, because they can't last longer than an inning or two. Find guys who can do deep into a game and rely on them.

Let your best players play. In search of flexibility, Eric Wedge has turned everyday players into utility players. Only recently has he gone with a set lineup, yes, I know that there were injuries, but seriously, have you seen Ryan Garko play the outfield? He makes me yearn for the days of Leon Wagner.

Be patient Tribe fans. Why? Because we have waited so long for a winner, I am willing to wait for the Tribe to get it all together at sometime in the near future. Well, after all, as a minister I am supposed to be a man of faith.


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