Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 2009-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers

I attended the exhibition game last night at Value City Arena, against the Celtics. It is hard to have any lasting impressions after this game. It really didn't tell us much about the Cavs. I certainly believe that they will be a contender for the NBA crown (man, I hope so after watching this team for 40 years) but last night didn't tell us much if anything. The players were getting their workout in. West didn't play, and the intensity wasn't there on the part of the Cavs. I will admit that the Celtics looked very good, and it is scary to think how good they will be because Kevin Garnett didn't play last night, but it was, after all a PRACTICE game. The results didn't mean a thing. We'll learn more about the Cavs next week. But it was still fun to see them play, an enjoyable night out with the kids, and to top it off, Rachel and Charles were on kiss cam!

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