Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Managerial Search

News reports say that the Indians are presently conducting interviews with their managerial candidates. Acta, Valentine, Mattingly, and Louvello are supposed to be the final four. Don Mattingly would be at the top of my list, followed by Chris Chambliss (who doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar), Mike Hargrove (who is out of the running), Travis Fryman, Acta, Louvello, and Valentine. Why would Valentine be last on my list when he has the most experience? I just don't think he fits. He is a journey man manager, not having done anything of note in my book. A big name, yes, but unimpressive. Mattingly, Chambliss, and Fryman would bring differing perspectives, all three were all star ball players and played in winning organizations. I think it would be beneficial to bring a perspective of a former Yankee in Mattingly and Chambliss. Chambliss was an excellent batting coach before he became a manager. Fryman is a class act all the way around who knows baseball. From what I understand of Manny Acta, he too is a class act who didn't have any talent in Washington. That being said, Acta would feel right at home with the Tribe, who didn't have any pitching to speak of last season and fielded a AAA team the last few months of the season. Whoever the new manager is, I wish him good luck. Man, will he need it. Probably a few prayers wouldn't hurt as well.

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