Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can we believe?

I spent two and one half hours watching the Blue Jackets last night.  They played in LA, the game began around 10:45 and ended close to 1:15 am but I am not complaining.  The Jackets won on the road against a previously undefeated team (the Kings) at home.  It was a back and forth game, the Jackets took the lead, then it was tied, the Jackets once again took the lead, and then it was tied.  The Kings took the lead and then the Jackets tied and then went ahead late in the game.  All throughout the game I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for a Jacket turnover leading to a Kings goal.  But it didn't happen.  The third and fourth lines of the Jackets were the stars of the game.  They competed and kept the team in the game until the last five minutes, when the skill players took over.  Nash had an unbelievable move to score a goal, then scored an empty netter to seal it.  Some writers were saying that if the Jackets got three points on this three game road trip, it would be a successful trip, four points would be an overwhelming success.  Well, they got two points last night and if they played the way they did last night in the upcoming games, there is a possibility that they can take all six points on the trip.  Now, I am not saying that they will.  The Ducks and Sharks are  tough teams to play in their own rinks.  I will be happy for one point in the next two games.  But the way the Jackets are playing, who knows?   They can win the next two.  So why not be greedy?  Garon will probably get a start in goal in one of the next two games, and he has played well this season.  Can we believe in this team?  Is it a playoff team?  Maybe, but after watching the game late last night, I do know that hockey is fun again in Central Ohio.

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