Monday, October 18, 2010

Playoff Football?

According to the computer projections on J J Huddle's website, Fairfield Christian Academy stands in seventh place, and Lancaster is in 12th place in their respective regions.  Lancaster, by winning out, stands a good chance of making the playoffs, as their next game is against Groveport (which presently are in the playoff picture a few spots above the Gales).  By winning the next two games, Lancaster may have enough  computer points to squeak in.
The news is not so good for FCA.  Seeing as they did not play this past week end, they gained minimal points.  That hurts their chances.  By winning out, they might make it into the playoffs, but I think that for that to happen, they will need help.  Certainly they will need to win out, but they will also need the teams that they have already beaten to win as well.  Secondary points will be critical.
Now, I have no way of knowing for certain whether or not FCA will make the playoffs.  It is my opinion, however, that their playoff chances were hurt by not playing last weekend,  the bye weekend was out of their control as their previously scheduled team cancelled the game.  So it will be difficult for FCA to get into the playoffs, not impossible though.  They will need help

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