Sunday, October 17, 2010

Riding A Colt

Colt McCoy has played his first NFL game.  Initial impressions are promising.  He looked calm in the pocket.  He had poise directing the offense.  He was able to MOVE the offense down the field.  The negatives?  He probably is headed back to the bench, to learn behind Dellhome and Wallace.  Which brings me to the overall offense, it is, well, offensive.  There are NO playmakers.  Players play hard but there are no game breakers.  Until the Browns get some playmakers on offense, they won't know what they have in McCoy.  Personally, I think he should play.  All of the time.  He has shown that he can handle the pressure.  So why not give him the experience?  At 1-5, the Browns AREN'T heading to the playoffs, so why not let him learn?  Give him the reps, and the hope that Heckert can find playmakers in the 2011 draft.

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