Monday, October 4, 2010

NHL Predictions

I have been listening to the so called experts predict what they think will happen in the 2010-2011 NHL season.  In listening I have found a common theme, if a team finished in the top eight last season, they will then be slotted to finish in the top eight for the next season.  Through all of these predictions, the beloved Blue Jackets are predicted NOT to make the playoffs.  Well, anyone can pick the teams that finished in the money last year to do it again this year.  For the record, I think that the CBJ will be in the playoffs this year, because Mason will return to form (and goaltending is like pitching in baseball, in that it is a major part of the game) and Filatov will prove to be the real deal this year.  The wild card for me is Derrick Brassard.  If Brassard can return to form of two years ago, this team will be a major surprise.  If Filatov doesn't come through, then this team will contend for a playoff position, if Mason falls flat on his face, then the experts predictions will come through and the CBJ will struggle to finish the season at .500.

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