Monday, April 4, 2011

Time begins

There is an old baseball saying: Time begins on Opening Day.  I went to the Indians opener last Friday after the District Board of Directors meeting in Cleveland.  I took my daughter Emily and we enjoyed the day together.  You can't really have a bad day at the ballpark.  The Tribe lost in typical Indians' fashion, giving up a slew of runs in the first four innings, driving most fair weather fans out of the ballpark.  This was fortuitous for Emily and I, as we moved down into the box seats in the lower deck to watch the rest of the game.  While disappointed in the Tribe loss, it was great to spend the day with Emily at the ballpark.  There were some reasons for optimism regarding the Indians this weekend: the play of Jack Hanaman at third, the hitting of Travis Hafner, the pitching of Justin Masterson and the rest of the bullpen.  If the Tribe gets some pitching they MAY surprise this year.  But what do I know, I thought OSU would win the NCAA tourney and I picked the Blue Jackets to make the playoffs.  That being said, it is good to have baseball back.  After running some Coroner errands I will be watching some baseball this afternoon, thanks to the free MLB preview this week.  The Brewers are on, followed by the Cardinals/Pirates tonight.

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