Monday, May 9, 2011

The Decision

Last summer a "decision" was made by one who shall remain nameless.  He decided to "take his talents to South Beach."   With this "decision" a once proud basketball franchise was set back for years.  Devoid of talent, the Cavaliers are now in the hunt for the #1 pick in the NBA draft lottery which will be held next week.   The attention of Cavs fans will be fixed on the results of the NBA draft lottery.  I will be interested as well.  But what about the playoffs?  Playoffs?  Are there playoffs going on?  I haven't really noticed.

My attention has been focused on baseball and not basketball this spring.  It has been my decision.  It hasn't been a hard decision, for I am not interested in the NBA playoffs.  Seeing as Cleveland isn't playing, and the NBA has been taken over by the players, I haven't watched the playoffs this year.  And I won't.  They just don't interest me.  I'd rather watch the Tribe.  So it really isn't a difficult decision, really.  If I were to find the NBA captivating, I would watch, but as of right now, this league BORES me.  I'd rather watch baseball.  Or golf. Or playoff hockey.  Anything but the NBA.

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