Sunday, May 1, 2011


As some of my most faithful reader will note (this would be you, Rachel) I am a big Indians fan.  This season they are off to their fastest start in history, possessing one of the best records in baseball.  The key to their fast start is pitching.  Yes they are scoring runs, hitting homers, and fielding the baseball, but a huge part of their success is pitching.  It has been estimated that pitching is anywhere between 75-90 % of baseball, which means that if you have great pitching, you have the opportunity to contend year in and year out.
In that past few years we have seen the demise of Wahoo baseball. Much of that can be attributed to trading away CC and Cliff.  I know why the Featherheads did it, and I agree that they had to do it.  The two Cy Young Award winners weren't going to resign, so they needed to trade them away to get players back.  I have no problem with that.  The issue I had is that they had no pitchers coming up to take their place.  This is why Wahoo baseball has been in decline, no pitching to pick up the slack when CC and Cliff fled the teepee.  Also, if you will remember, the bullpen (I am looking at you Kerry Wood) would blow save after save, costing the Tribe much needed wins.
Look at the difference this year, there is good starting pitching (which keeps the team in games) and great bullpen work which closes games out for victories.  The Tribe has been getting both, which is why the Wahoos are winning.
I think that this will be a fun season down at the Lakefront.  The pitching will keep this team in games.  They may not win the division, they may not even make the playoffs, but they will be in games and baseball IS relevant again in Cleveland.  And I expect more of the same in the coming seasons.  Pomeranz and White among others are the pitchers coming up through the system.  Position players such as Kipnis and Chizenhall will be with the Tribe in the next season or two.
The Indians are winning.  All I can say is Wahoo!

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