Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mess with Tress

Strangely, I have had more than a few shut ins ask me my opinion about the mess which is now Ohio State football.  Those with whom I have listened to have expressed their disappointment with the HC of TOSU, figuring that as a Christian he had higher standards.
Am I disappointed?  Not really.  Saddened?  No, not that either.  My eyes were opened at went on, but when I thought about it, all of it began to make sense, in a way, to me.
I understand that college football is big business.  No, wait, it is BIG business.  OSU football brings in millions of dollars to the university and the athletic program.  The college coach is paid to win.  Pure and simple.  Yes, education goes on, and Tress even teaches his players about life (note his book "The Winners Manual), but big time college football is all about winning.  Nothing more and nothing less.
Should we be surprised at what went on at Ohio State with the selling of the gold pants, etc?  No, when I heard about it my eyes were opened.  Just look at all of the tattoos these players have.  They don't get those for free, they cost money, and when you have half of your body tattooed and you are a college football player, my question is how did they get the $$$ for the tattoos?  I have two kids in college, I know they would love some extra $$$, a majority of college kids would and many of them DON'T have tattoos all over their bodies.  The issue isn't the tattoos, the issue is having the $$$ to GET the tattoos.  How do the players get the cash for all of this art work?  Well, for a few at TOSU, it was the selling of their memorabilia.
So in this mess with Tress, my eyes were opened.  I am neither saddened or disappointed.  In the end, the Buckeyes will still take the field in the fall.  Will they contend for the Big Ten or National Championship?  Who knows?  In an era where players take their talents to South Beach and  professional franchises move (remember the Browns to Baltimore and the Indians threat to leave Cleveland unless they got a new ball park?) this mess with Tress is just that, a mess of his own making.  He can take matters into his own hands and resign, which may lightened the NCAA penalties.  Or he can stay and whether the storm, to which the penalties will be more severe.  In the end, Ohio State isn't moving, we still get to cheer the team down the field, and maybe, just maybe, there will be some extra tickets to a football game available for the average fan (I know, wishful thinking).
The mess with Tress has taught me one thing, big time college athletics is big business, it is all about winning and all about making money.  What really needs to happen is for someone to revamp the whole NCAA organization, but that is another story for another time.

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