Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Buckeye Update

Alas, there are no buckeyes.  No, I am not talking about OSU Football, I am speaking of my beloved Buckeye tree.  This time last year I found one nut about to fall, and I harvested later in the summer my first buckeye.  This spring, the buckeye tree had CLUSTERS of nuts, I was expecting a bountiful harvest, at least one buckeye for each member of my family (yes, even the Hoosier of the bunch, Binkylu would be in line to receive the first of the harvest).  But alas, no buckeyes this year.  It isn't because of the debt limit debate, nor is it the fault of the NCAA investigation.  I lost all of the Buckeyes during one of the torrential spring storms we experienced.  No buckeyes this year, maybe next year.  It looks like I will be hunting buckeyes from other sources soon.

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