Friday, August 26, 2011

Thome's Home

At long last, an Wahoo Hero returns.  Jim Thome was traded by the Twins to the Tribe on Thursday.  Thome, who was brought up in the Indians' farm system and spent 12 years with the Tribe, returns to the Tribe lineup on Friday.  Do not underestimate this move for Tribe fans.  It is huge.  Why?  Let me try to explain.

Jim Thome was a hero to many Tribe fans.  He left via free agency.  After professing his love for Cleveland, he spurned a multi million dollar contract offered by the Indians for more millions offered by the Phillies.  No matter the reason, Indian fans were angry and hurt.  A local baseball icon left willingly, in spite of saying how much he loved Cleveland.  He could have stayed but chose to leave of his own volition. When Thome returned to Cleveland in a White Sox uni, he was roundly booed.  Indian fans let their anger be known loud and clear.

They say time heals all wounds.  I hope it has for many Indians fans.  A local hero returns.  Two of my kids, Emily and Drew, will be in attendance cheering their baseball hero.  I hope Jim Thome gets a standing ovation.  I hope he retires an Indian and is hired by the front office to work for the organization after his retirement.  He should go into the Hall of Fame as an Indian.  One of the greatest players of the modern era returns where it all began for him.  In this era of free agency, it is nigh impossible to hope that a player plays his entire career for one team, as did Feller or Musial.  Maybe this is as close as it gets as the local hero returns.  Presently, Cardinal fans are sweating bullets wondering if their local hero will resign with the team.  If you are Cardinal fan, please know that we Indian fans can relate.  What is going on with Albert is a microcosm of what we went through with Jim Thome.  We feel your pain.  we know what you are going through.  But tonight and for the month of September, there is joy in Cleveland.  Thome's home!  THOME'S HOME!!! Welcome home, Jim Thome, it is good to have you back where you belong.

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