Saturday, August 6, 2011

So, how IS your golf game?

Fine, just thank you.  I have improved immensely since the start of the season.  My handicap ballooned to a 14 (for nine holes) at the beginning.  I was using my driver off of the tee, spraying the ball all over the place.  I was scoring in the low 50's for nine holes, not a good score at all for me.  But I made a couple of changes, for the better, and now I am scoring 45-48 per nine holes, a 3-5 stroke difference.

What did I do?  For one, I put the driver away.  I am now using a three wood off of the tee, giving me better accuracy as I am now hitting my second shot from the fairway instead of the deep rough.  I am rarely losing balls, now I am trying to just keep it in play.

The second adjustment has been moving the ball back in my stance.  This has allowed me to hit down on the ball, adding to my ball striking consistency.  As I am able to now strike the ball well more often, I am hitting more greens in regulation, giving me an opportunity for more pars and less double bogies.

My friend, Curt Kruse, has offered to give me a lesson or two to help out.  He knows me well, as Curt was my golfing partner for a number of years in church league.  He told me that I am a feel golfer, meaning that when I golf better when I think less of the mechanics of the swing, and just play the game, allowing the feel of the shot to take over.  Much like shooting a basketball well ( when you are in a zone, you are hard to stop) so too golfing by "feel" allows the golfer to just naturally play the game.   I will take Curt up on his offer sooner rather than later (he said it won't be for at least two weeks because our team is playing him), because Curt knows my swing and knows my game.  If he can help me, and if I can put his advice into practice, I should be lowering my score soon.  And that is what makes golf fun.

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