Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Football Season!

Yes, it is football season! I used to say that in the month of June, when I was younger, as the Tribe would be out of contention for the pennant in June. Now it is August and they are out of contention. With good reason, as the Tribe can't score any runs. In fact, they can't put hits together, they can't hit with runners in scoring position, they actually have no offense of which to speak. Their offense is offensive. So what will they do to fix the problem? They won't go out and sign a player, not with a third of their payroll tied up in Bourn and Swisher. Will they trade a pitcher? That would be robbing Peter to pay Paul. They have good starting pitching, and if pitching is 80% of the game, well then they set for the future. But not if they trade a starting pitcher, if they do, the return better be great. Not good, great. What I expect is two bonafide major league hitters for one starter. Am I dreaming? Perhaps, but watching the Tribe trying to score runs this year has been a nightmare

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