Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scarlet and Gray Days

There is a new series on BTN which gives an inside look at Ohio State football as they begin training camp. What a fascinating look this is for the Buckeye fan, to see inside the facilities, the interactions of players and coaches, and the preparation for the season. I throughly enjoyed the first installment. There was one thing I noticed, though, and that is what nice cars the players drive. I know that the players are student athletes who per NCAA rules can not hold a part time job. And I know that boosters can not give cars to the players, that is a violation of NCAA rules. So my question is how do the players get to drive such nice cars? I am not asking in judgement, I am asking because I know that my parents didn't provide me with a nice car, heck, as a parent I can't provide the type of cars these players are driving. So how do they do it? I don't know, but a BTN behind the scenes series such as this one reveals things the public doesn't get to normally see, and it invites questions that viewers like me will pose. So, does anyone have an answer?

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